Node: ClipPlane

X3D: 3.2
Component: Rendering
fully implemented

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A clip plane is defined as a plane that generates two half-spaces. The effected geometry in the half-space that is defined as being outside the plane is removed from the rendered image as a result of a clipping operation.

HTML Encoding and Default Values

<ClipPlane cappingColor='1.0,1.0,1.0' cappingStrength='0.0' enabled='true' metadata='X3DMetadataObject' on='true' plane='0,1,0,0' ></ClipPlane>



These are the X3D / X3DOM fields of this node. Values should usually be received / set as strings via DOM functions (i.e., using setAttribute("myFieldName", "myFieldValue") and getAttribute("myFieldName")).
Name Type Default Value Range Inheritance Standard Description
cappingColor SFColor 1.0,1.0,1.0 Defines the color of the capping.
cappingStrength SFFloat 0.0 Defines the strength of the capping.
enabled SFBool true Defines activation state of the clip plane.
metadata SFNode X3DMetadataObject Core/X3DNode Field to add metadata information
on SFBool true Enables/disables this effector (e.g. light)
plane SFVec4f 0,1,0,0 The ClipPlane node specifies a single plane equation that will be used to clip the geometry. The plane field specifies a four-component plane equation that describes the inside and outside half space. The first three components are a normalized vector describing the direction of the plane's normal direction.