The X3D element supports attributes which allows to set configuration for the runtime.


The params behave just like any other HTML attribute. It must be added to the x3d canvas tag as follows:

    <x3d showLog="true">


The following table lists the parameters currently supported:

Parameter Values Default Description
showLog true, false false Hide or display the logging console.
showStat true, false false Hide or display the statistics overlay.
showProgress true, false true Hide or show the loading indicator.
PrimitiveQuality High, Medium, Low, float High Render quality (tessellation level) for Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere.
useGeoCache true, false true Toggle use of geometry caching for rendering shapes.
disableDoubleClick true, false false Disable double clicks.
disableTouch true, false false Disable touch.
disableRightDrag true, false false Disable right button drag.
disableLeftDrag true, false false Disable left button drag.
disableMiddleDrag true, false false Disable middle button drag.
disableKeys true, false false Disable keys.
showTouchpoints true, false false Show marker so you can track the position of the finger visually.
altImg URL "" Alternate image URL, if X3DOM fails to render.
runtimeEnabled true, false false Enable runtime.
maxActiveDownloads number 40 Maximum active downloads.