Node: MPRVolumeStyle

Component: VolumeRendering

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The MPRVolumeStyle node renders a multiplanar reconstruction of the assocciated volume data.

HTML Encoding and Default Values

<MPRVolumeStyle enabled='true' forceOpaque='true' metadata='X3DMetadataObject' planes='x3dom.nodeTypes.MPRPlane' transferFunction='x3dom.nodeTypes.Texture' ></MPRVolumeStyle>



These are the X3D / X3DOM fields of this node. Values should usually be received / set as strings via DOM functions (i.e., using setAttribute("myFieldName", "myFieldValue") and getAttribute("myFieldName")).
Name Type Default Value Range Inheritance Standard Description
enabled SFBool true X3DVolumeRenderStyleNode Specifies whether the render style is enabled or disabled.
forceOpaque SFBool true The forceOpaque field is a boolean flag that forces the reconstructed planes to be opaque, if false the opacity (alpha channel) from the transferFunction field will be applied.
metadata SFNode X3DMetadataObject Core/X3DNode Field to add metadata information
planes MFNode MPRPlane The renderStyle field contains a list of composable render styles nodes to be used on the associated volume data.
transferFunction SFNode Texturing/Texture The transferFunction field is a texture that is going to be used to map each voxel value to a specific color output.