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Component: Texturing

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This extension provides the ability to dynamically render a partial scenegraph to an offscreen texture that can then be used on the geometry of a node. This can be used in many different ways such as creating mirror effects, inputs to shaders etc. The purpose of this component is to provide for extended visual effects, but not the complete form of offscreen rendering and buffers that would be available to lower-level rendering APIs.

HTML Encoding and Default Values

<RenderedTexture background='x3dom.nodeTypes.X3DBackgroundNode' crossOrigin='""' depthMap='false' dimensions='[128,128,4]' excludeNodes='x3dom.nodeTypes.X3DNode' eyeToScreenDistance='0.041' fog='x3dom.nodeTypes.X3DFogNode' interpupillaryDistance='0.064' lensCenter='0.05329' metadata='X3DMetadataObject' oculusRiftVersion='1' origChannelCount='0' repeatS='true' repeatT='true' scale='true' scene='x3dom.nodeTypes.X3DNode' showNormals='false' stereoMode=''NONE'' textureProperties='x3dom.nodeTypes.TextureProperties' update=''NONE'' url='[]' viewpoint='x3dom.nodeTypes.X3DViewpointNode' vScreenSize='0.07074' ></RenderedTexture>


These are the X3D / X3DOM fields of this node. Values should usually be received / set as strings via DOM functions (i.e., using setAttribute("myFieldName", "myFieldValue") and getAttribute("myFieldName")).
Name Type Default Value Range Inheritance Standard Description
background SFNode EnvironmentalEffects/X3DBackgroundNode Sets a background texture.
crossOrigin SFString "" X3DTextureNode Cross Origin Mode
depthMap SFBool false Determines if textures shall be treated as depth map. If it is TRUE, then the generated texture will also contain the depth buffer.
dimensions MFInt32 [128,128,4] [0, inf] Sets the width, height, color components (and number of MRTs).
excludeNodes MFNode Core/X3DNode Defines a list of sibling nodes that should be ignored.
eyeToScreenDistance SFFloat 0.041 Sets the eye to screen distance in m for stereo rendering.
fog SFNode EnvironmentalEffects/X3DFogNode Sets a fog node.
interpupillaryDistance SFFloat 0.064 Sets the eye distance for stereo rendering.
lensCenter SFVec3f 0.05329 Sets the lens Position on Screen.
metadata SFNode X3DMetadataObject Core/X3DNode Field to add metadata information
oculusRiftVersion SFFloat 1 Very experimental field to change between DK1 and DK2.
origChannelCount SFInt32 0 [0, inf] X3DTextureNode Specifies the channel count of the texture. 0 means the system should figure out the count automatically.
repeatS SFBool true X3DTextureNode Specifies whether the texture is repeated in s direction.
repeatT SFBool true X3DTextureNode Specifies whether the texture is repeated in t direction.
scale SFBool true X3DTextureNode Specifies whether the texture is scaled to the next highest power of two. (Needed, when texture repeat is enabled and texture size is non power of two)
scene SFNode Core/X3DNode Sets a separate, potentially independent, subscene. If unset, the same scene is used.
showNormals SFBool false Specifies whether normals are shown.
stereoMode SFString 'NONE' ["NONE","LEFT_EYE","RIGHT_EYE"] Sets render information for stereo rendering.
textureProperties SFNode TextureProperties X3DTextureNode Sets a TextureProperty node.
update SFString 'NONE' ["NONE", "NEXT_FRAME_ONLY", "ALWAYS"] Specifies when the texture is updated.
url MFString [] X3DTextureNode Sets the url to a resource.
viewpoint SFNode Navigation/X3DViewpointNode Specifies the viewpoint that is used to render the texture content.
vScreenSize SFFloat 0.07074 Sets the vertical screen size in m for stereo rendering.